Kite school PROKITE.CLUB

Making kitesurfers from the simple people from 2010 year

Yes, we do love kitesurfing and honestly counting that any of you can join this most interesting and exotic kind of sport. We are teaching kitesurfing using high standards of the modern system plus our unique methods based on individual way and kinematic of your body. No need to tell that we are using only modern models of kites and equipment and our instructors have a great experience and tested to satisfy our high demand and standards. 

Our kite school has two major locations. From November till March - Boracay Island, Philippines. From May till October  -  Akyaka in the Gokova bay, Turkey. Both of these kite spots are the best location for kitesurfing. Stable winds, shalow water, no big waves, comfort temperature of the air and water makes ideal conditions for learning kitesurfing and for just kiting there.  And what we can offer in April? Just join us on out kite safari on luxury yacht around the wild islands of the red sea.