Kite lessons on Boracay

High qualifide international team of our instructors has a huge experience in training all kind of kiters from beginners to advanced riders. Our priority is an individual way of teaching which can guaranty you the best result. We never keep freelance instructors or instructors from the side. only checked and proved by us.  Quality of your kite education is important for us and lead to the long term friendship in the future. 


We are using only modern and high technology kite equipment from Airush kiteboarding  for our kite lessons. Choosing well and correct tuned control bars, harnesses, kites and kite boards we can guaranty you the comfort and safety during the lessons. For your protection we will offer you wetsuits, helmets and protection booties. 

Advance lessons can be done with your equipment. We will be glad to give you full free consultation about proper set up of your kite equipment. We will explain different settings and how to fine tune any model of the kite brand, bringing you the maximum from the training new tricks or give you progress maximum fast


For the best communication with the student during the lesson we prefer to use new dual duplex radio system from  BbTALKIN. Helmet with the integrated water proved sound speakers and microphone gives best and real time connection instructor-student-instructor. This system let us correct your riding mistakes right on the fly, making kite lessons maximum effective. 

Beginner Course

This Course will make you kitesurfer :) . Passing this course will let you learn kitesurfing from the very zero to the first meters on the board together with the kite. This beginner course will teach you theory about kite flying, will learn you how to control kite correct and how to use the power of the kite and finally stand on the board and ride with the kite. This course will take several days. We remind that we depend on the wind conditions and this can lead to the changing in the time of the lessons. Usually it takes around 4-6 days to complete Beginner Course. 

For your comfort the course can be split into to 3 parts. You can take one of these parts or complete the full course. 

part 0. Basic of the kite control, Wind window theory, Practising with the trainer kite, safety. 

part 1. Kite control with the real kite on the water, landing and launching the kite, relaunch from the water, self rescue. 

part 2. Continue and fixing the kite control, using kite power - bodydrag, training power stroke the kite, and trying the board. 

part 3. Training water start on the beach, theory and standing position. Upwind body drag with and without board. Water start in the water. The right of the way. 

Timing of the Beginner Course: 9 hours of individual lessons or 12 hours of the group lessons. 

Prices:   Part 0 ( 1,5 hours ) -  ₱3.500 / Part 1 ( 3 hours ) - ₱7.000 / Part 2 ( 6 hours ) - ₱14.000 / full course ( 9 hours ) -  ₱21.000


Advance Course

If you complete your Beginner course somewhere then Advance Course will be good for you to continue. We will skip the basics if no need and will focus on your practising of water starts and/or correction of your mistakes. 

Timing of the Advance Course: 5 hours

Price: ₱13.500 (with the school equipment) / ₱11.500 (with your equipment)


Individual Lessons

Some times you cannot progress by yourself or stack with some trick then the best way for you to take individual lesson with our instructor. Instructor will listen  to your wishes , check your mistakes and offer the solution and/or learn you the new trick. This is good for beginner riders and also for the experienced ones. Our radio system will help to make this lesson most effective. 

Price of 1 hour: ₱3.500 (with the school equipment) / ₱3.000 (with your equipment)


* All prices shown in Philippine Peso ₱ (check the rate >>)



We can be very busy with the students and lessons during the season so better for you to book the lessons in advance. Please contact us any comfortable way for you. 

Our team of Instructors 

Denis русский, English
 Alexey русский, English
 Andrey русский
 Emre Turkce, English
  DavideItaliano, English